The cutest bun in the whole world, but such a naughty princess.

Mint Tea
begging Mint Tea
The horny. He used to share a cage Muffin, but not anymore. She couldn’t stand his ceaseless advances. Haha.

Meet Pie!
Sweet but timid little baby girl.

the new addition!
The hyper.

Not so mini Mee
Robohulk the greedy.

Bebe chew (20 days old)
First baby (Pie and Mee’s)! :D

Sushi (14 Apr 2006 – 19 Dec 2008)
Eh?  There's a big black thing closing in?
The big bully in the robo tank now.

Dumpling (5 Feb 2006 – 22 Jun 2008)
The former bully, and current anti-social. Handsomest and vainest of them all.

Muffin (21 Jul 2006 – 25 Feb 2008)
Muffin's stare
The human bootlicker, but terrified of other hamsters.

Pudding (5 Feb 2006 – 2 Dec 2007)
Snoozing little Pudding
The cutie-pie and prolific escape artist.

Tofu (14 Apr 2006 – 8 Sep 2007)
a bowl of Tofu
Best pal of Pudding, shares escaping tips. Tame and docile.

(For more photos, visit their photosets.)


4 Responses to “Pets”

  1. 1 fuiki

    hello there, i left a comment before telling you how cute rabbit is and i do have a rabbit too.

    but now i’m looking for someone to adopt my rabbit because my parents are against me keeping a pet. :(

    its v sad, so the least i can do is to find my rabbit a better and responsible owner.

    so i tot of you and just asking if you wan another rabbit..

    do contact me via email.

    god bless :)

  2. Thanks, but no thanks! My parents won’t approve of another bunny this moment too.

  3. 3 Chuck

    Hi! What breed of hamster do you have the small ones?

  4. Which one do you mean?

    I only have puddings and roborovskis dwarfs.

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