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Ben and Jerry’s flavour graveyard:  Ice cream lover.  Oatmeal cookie chunk was my absolute favourite.  Then they discontinued it.  I don’t eat ben and jerry’s anymore, except when I go to the zoo.  Bring back oatmeal cookie chunk please. How are towering rock columns created: Saw the ones in HK years ago.   Get 2GB […]

$10 digital scale:  Perfect for dwarf hamster weighing too (it only goes up to 100g — probably can’t weigh tubby syrian hamsters). Mine cost at least 4 times as much, and doesn’t go down to 0.01g.  o.O How McDonald’s fries are made:  Video with Grant Imahara Sleepy meow:  The first video is super cute! Using the Oxford […]

Camouflaged owls:  Photos; They don’t seem too pleased to be found Inside a hamster’s cheeks:  Embedded x-ray video from BBC’s Pets Wild At Heart.  They’ve got quite a few awesome pet/animal documentaries these couple of years.  Can’t wait to watch this.  Miss having Syrian hamsters.  Silly Pumpkin used to stuff his pouches silly too. Demanding meow: […]