Hello world…again


Back again, since it seems like there’s no other place for me to plonk links to random things I find interesting. Despite my not having to update the work twitter accounts (that I have decided to retire, since I’ve quit), I still find some things from those topics too wasteful to let it get lost in yesterday’s news.  I also don’t want to spam random links on my personal twitter account (which is also pretty much dead), since I don’t really have things I need to shout out to the world.  These things seem more at home at this quiet part of the internet. I’ve also privatised all old posts.  It’s rather shocking how there are almost 1.5k of them.  I didn’t read them again though.  I’m a totally different person now, so I can’t quite stand reading them (yet).  Perhaps only on a day when I’m way too bored. Anyway, here are the links…if you are interested :


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