Visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for the first time since 2008 this morning.  It has changed a lot since then; They’ve added a whole new extension to it.  Was a bit confused about how unfamiliar it looked, until we reached the start of the yellow trail.

Although we arrived soon after it opened at about 7.30am, there were already so many people parked at the prime bird watching spots.  Then again, they seem to live for that, judging by their massive and expensive birding ultra long lenses.  Regardless, dawn remains the best time to visit.  Good light and temperature, plus the animals are still somewhat awake and not hiding yet.

Dawn @ Sungei Buloh 1
(View from the boardwalk at the newish part of the reserve)

Dawn @ Sungei Buloh 2
(View from the bridge at the old part of the reserve)

I really wanted to see the small clawed asian otters and pretty kingfishers today, but I didn’t spot any.  Before my next visit, I should read up on their habits so I can better find them.  Probably need a bit more patience as well…  We did see crabs, mudskippers, even a little water snake, four squirrels, huge spiders, and many other birds though.

Definitely think it was a still fruitful and fun trip, despite not having found any otters and kingfishers.  It’s probably one of my favourite parts of Singapore to visit.

Golden orb web spider
(Gold orb web spider)

There were a lot of these almost palm-sized spiders around, right along the path.  It was completely stationary the whole time my family was snapping pictures of it though (phew).  Love the bokeh and the green in this shot.

We ended up spending 2.5h in the reserve, and walked 9,700 steps — about 6.5km.  It was fairly tiring, but I think we had a good time.  Look forward to going back there again!  There are just so many things to look at over there.  Would probably skip the new part the next time round though (we did that part at a nice, leisurely pace) and be better prepared, so we can spend a longer time looking for the birds and otters.  xD

(So pretty against the blue sky.  It had two squirrels on it a few seconds before the shot…imagine it)


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